Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fashion Week Party

I went to my first fashion week party! It was the after party for Evan Biddell's show, the winner of Project Runway Canada. It was a fun night, people watching at its best. No one paid much attention to Em and I (we're not industry people or models, and weren't wearing quite the right clothes - case in point, apparently tights are quite big right now, and we both had bare legs between our skirts and boots.) which was fine with us. The lighting was interesting, because everyone wants to see what everyone else is wearing, so there were lots of lighted parts of the room, where people could preen and be seen. Everyone posed for everything! Pictures, friends, alcohol shots, whatever. It was pretty funny. Most of the men were gay, no one else could pull off those outfits. The straight men were fashionable, but I wonder how many of them were dressed by their significant others? Hmmmm. :)

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