Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 2010 Books and Movies

Sex and the City - 2

Sigh. The show I once loved is gone, gone, gone. Not to say that the fashion and characters aren't still great, but the spark that made it one of my favorite shows just isn't there. I knew this going in, I didn't like the first movie, but I would still go to see a third one, if only out of the respect I had for the original series. The UAE setting is interesting, I liked that Aiden was in the movie, but I found I missed the New York sets. There was definite visible tension between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Catrall, which belies their acting ability and seriously plants seeds of doubt about their professionalism . That in itself was a huge disappointment. I'm hopeful that there will soon be another show to take its place. I still watch old episodes from time to time, but the sheen has definitely worn off. Ah, SATC, I'm glad I knew ya!

Rachel's Holiday
Marian Keyes

The last book in the Walsh Family series, it deals with the weighty topic of drug addiction. Rachel is a very interesting character. She's the only Walsh sister I like every time I run into her. Keyes does write her very sympathetically, it's only later, while going through recovery, that the reader hears about the awful things she's done when she was on drugs. By then, you're invested in the journey and supportive of Rachel's recovery. Which is what someone who is taking the necessary steps to change their life needs, not written off as someone who will never change. As for the other sisters, I didn't care for Claire in any book, and liked Anna and Margaret in their books only. I now see why Keyes hasn't written a book about Helen yet. It's almost as if her disagreeable character is more for comic relief, and that delving into her life would spoil that use. It'll be interesting, whenever it comes out, that's for sure!

Last Chance Saloon
Marian Keyes

The more I read, the more I love. Excellent! As engaging as Sushi for Beginners this is another ensemble story about three best friends and their lives and loves. I literally could not put it down. I just wanted to know what happened! I really liked the characters of Tara and Katherine, and their back stories and that although everyone didn't end up happily ever after, the potential to be happy was there. I'm on to another Walsh book, the last because she hasn't written one about Helen yet. Looking forward to more!

Paris, je t'aime

I hae been waiting a long, long time to see this film. I was not disappointed. A series of vignette style short films which are in essence a love letter to Paris. Of course not all of them were for me, but so many of them touched me deeply, especially the 14e arrondissement. An absolute must see for anyone who has been, or dreamed of going to gaie Paris. Stunning!