Friday, November 30, 2012

November 2012 Books and Movies


Whoo hoo, I love James Bond. Particularly of the Sean Connery and Daniel Craig variety. :) I was anxiously awaiting Skyfall for this reason. It didn't disappoint for eye candy that's for sure. I found I was a little bored by the plot, but Javier Bardem was sufficiently creepy to be a great villain. The blonde dye job also worked to make his look match is psychopathic personality. The special effects, fancy props and beautiful costumes were all awesome. Watching it on IMAX also helped. I didn't love the Bond girl, I thought her nails were gross. I loved the new Moneypenny and the twist at the end, though somewhat predictable, was sad all the same. Great addition to the franchise, and I really hope they don't replace Craig just yet.

Breaking Dawn - Part 2 

Ugg, ugg and triple ugg. The worst of the lot. Overwrought acting, terrible dialogue and cheezy special effects. The twihards loved it, but I couldn't wait for it to be over. Kristen Stewart as a vampire was probably the worst part about it. Although the awful name Renesme is a close second. I didn't even get any pleasure from laughing in the theatre.  That and I could only even get one of the original bunch to go see it with me. I suppose I needed to complete the series to appreciate how truly awful it really is. They really should have stuck to one movie per book regardless of the money to be made.