Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 2012 Books and Movies

The Red House
Mark Haddon

Another very strange but great book by this author. A Spot of Bother is still my favourite, but this was an addictive read. Told by 9 character point of views, sometimes it was a bit confusing. There was so much pathos tinged by humour. Characters were raw, and sometimes made you very uncomfortable. This is a book you could read again and again and discover new things.

The Widower's Tale
Julia Glass

Another great book by this author. A bit slow to start, but once you connected with the characters, you didn't want it to end. I liked the fictional New England setting, surrounded by real towns such as Worchester. I wished that there had been a more satisfying ending for many of the characters. It was kind of left in limbo. I guess I wanted more chapters! A good read if you are a fan of Glass.

Moonrise Kingdom

Another brillant film by Wes Anderson. Everything was so well done, from the quirky 60s inspired props, to the made up New England island. Great child actors, plus Frances McDormand, Bill Murray and Tilda Swinton, not to mention a whole host of fantastic character actors. The young lovers who run away together storyline was very well written and the whole film came off very well. A definite must see.