Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Great show based on a greater movie! Very funny, I laughed my way through most of it. The actor playing Lancelot was really good, and had unbelievable gams. Wow! The Lady of the Lake character was pretty annoying, but she was written that way. The actor playing her had some pipes on her. Fun costumes, cute sets and great jokes, an awesome way to spend a Tuesday night.

September 2008 Books and Movies

Ten Canoes

Wow...it's really hard to put into words how I felt while watching this film. It's really a time capsule, depicting Australian Aboriginal life as it was before the Europeans. It's beautiful and strange in so many ways, the cinematography, the artistic shooting, the diverse culture, it's quite breathtaking. There are so many layers to the story, it's at once a parable, a cautionary tale, an exciting adventure story and a living history. Wonderful, and well worth watching.

Good In Bed
Jennifer Weiner

This was a really good novel. I've read a few of Weiner's books now, and although I feel she basically recycles the same heroine over and over, (plus sized, witty with a swimming mother and absent father) they are infinitely readable. I'm definitely thinking that either Jennifer stole from SATC or vice versa, because there are just too many similarities for it to be a coincidence. Perhaps she wrote for the show? This novel's plot about breaking up with someone and feeling you made a mistake, when every one around you is telling you that the person is not right for you, resounded very clearly. Especially the eventual resolution. (Look Ma, no plot spoilers!) The twists and turns are interesting, although towards the end it's pretty dark. Apparently there's a somewhat recent sequel following up on Cannie's story, so I'm looking forward to reading that as well.

The Matchmaker

Cute premise, bad screenplay. Loved the Irish setting, and Janeane Garofalo but the movie was, at times rather slow. The ending was telegraphed from a mile away, but the leading man, David O'Hara is really pretty. So that more than made up for it. Take a look if you love Ireland and want a few laughs. Just don't expect to be rolling in the aisles or sniffling delicately into a hanky because of the swooning love story.


I generally find Kevin Smith movies much the same and this was no exception. I did like it better than clerks, mostly because of a trip down memory lane courtesy of Shannen Doherty. The lines were funny, I actually didn't want to kill Jay and Silent Bob and the ending was cheezy and romantic. I laughed quite a bit, so I would definitely give it a watch.

Little Earthquakes
Jennifer Weiner

I've come to really like this author. Her books draw you in, I wasn't expecting to read it so quickly. This topic, about 4 mothers to be, didn't really grab me at first, as I can't relate as much as some, but I was soon addicted to the zany characters and funny situations. One thing I did notice though, were some disturbing similarities to plot lines from Sex and the City. They seemed out and out copied. There was nothing like this is in the other Jennifer Weiner books that I've read. I'm looking forward to the next one, Good in Bed, that expands on a nominal character from the book of short stories I recently read.

Vicky, Christina, Barcelona

Being a Woody Allen film, I figured it would be funny in parts, if not all. And it was, although the constant dead pan narration got on my nerves. I really want to go to Barcelona now, as I'm sure most people who see it, who haven't been there want to as well. The leading man is very sexy and the whole film had a wonderful sensuality to it. Pretty good, go see it!