Friday, August 31, 2007

August 2007 Books and Movies

Christopher Moore

Took a while to get into (I can see why Mike gave up on it halfway through) but then, wham, it turns into a classic Chris Moore gem. The stuff this guy comes up with. Whale ships? Whaley boys? Goo? What a great ride. Oh, and I learned a lot about cetacean biology too! Makes me want to go out and watch whales. A solid book.

Mostly Martha

Ok, so what I wrote about No Reservations, double and triple the praise for Mostly Martha which is the original German film that was remade. Absolutely brilliant! The simple nuanced acting, the location and the food preparation/presentation make it great to watch. I wish I had seen this first, because I wanted to be surprised by the plot, but it was still good.

The Simpsons - The Movie

Much funnier than I thought it would be! Sort of like watching an extended episode on the big screen, but I laughed quite a bit. It would have been just as good as a rental. No need to see it on the big screen. The nudie Bart skateboarding scene was hysterical.

No Reservations

Very cute. Not always a fan of rom coms but this one was better than most. I really like the little girl, Abigail Breslin, who was in Little Miss Sushine. I almost always enjoy Catherine Zeta Jones and have always loved, Patricia Clarkson, ever since I saw her as Ruth's sister in Six Feet Under. Laughed and even cried a litte, and that, for me, is always a sure sign of a good movie.

The Bourne Ultimatum

Very cool. Ties the story together nicely with a tonne of action. Matt Damon is great and it was nice to see Julia Stiles. I read that she was off the scene for a little while doing indies, producing and directing. It's helpful to see the other two movies in the to make sense of the plot. Go see it!