Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 2015 Books and Movies

Gregory V. Wilson

I still can't believe this short story couldn't get published. It's some of the best YA writing I've ever read. Inventive, with a serious story woven in, it grabs you and pulls you in. I really don't want to spoil the story, so please check out http://sensibleadventures.com/still/still-the-whole-story/ and happy reading!

A Fat Boy's Chronicle

Although a little to Christian for my liking, the story of positivity in the face of bullying and fat shaming was refreshing. Hollywood's obsession with thinness is destroying many young people with insurmountable pressure. The side stories about cutting and a teen who runs away further the overall theme that being a teen is tough, but you will eventually get through it. Not a bad pick for a Netflicks browse.


Fantastic. Though I was disappointed that they didn't chose a male lead who could sing, and over dubbed it instead. The ending was a little pat but forgivable. Dustin Hoffman was really great and it was nice to see the actor who plays Artie on Glee in something else. What I liked most of all though, was showing young boys who are interested in classical singing. Too many students seem to be moving further and further away from music that has any complexity or links to the past. Which is funny because most modern music is either drawing from or is a complete copy of what's come before. The music in this movie was absolutely breathtaking. They obviously had a wonderful music director. If you are a classical music fan, this is a good one.