Monday, May 31, 2010

May 2010 Books and Movies

It's Complicated

I love me my Meryl, but boy, what was she thinking when she signed up for this one? The best scene in the whole movie was when she and Steve Martin get uproariously stoned for a party. Alec Baldwin is not good, her kids are caricatures and everything is just too perfect. Loved the setting though, I've got to visit Santa Barbara very soon. Give this one a miss. Hopefully Meryl Streep's next project will be a good one!

The Trotsky

Interesting film. I loved that it was set in Montreal, and was very Canadian. I loved that Colm Feore was in it. I loved the concept of taking a stand for what you believe in and jumping on your "pinko" soapbox come h*ll or high water. The only drawback was that it really went on far too long, and there were more than a few gratuitous scenes. All in all, worth seeing, especially if you are in any way a politico.

Anybody Out There?
Marian Keyes

I've just found out, because I'm reading yet another Marian Keyes book right now, that there is a whole series about the Walsh Family of 5 sisters. Each sister seems to have her own book. This one is about Anna, who looses her husband in a tragic cab accident and her struggle to move on with her life afterwards. It's poignant and funny and sad all at the same time, and the crazy antics of the Walsh family (especially Mammy Walsh and sister Helen) are a great antithesis to the sadder parts. As always happens when I read the majority of an authors body of work, the more I read, the better I like the writing, especially when there's continuity of characters, as with Christopher Moore and Jennifer Weiner. Keyes writes well about the different locations her books are set in, this time being New York. Either she did a ton of research or actually lived there.

Marian Keyes

Another funny book by this author. This time it's about Maggie, the second oldest sister in the Walsh clan. It was interesting to read about Anna before her story and about Maggie before the way she is described in Anna's book. The ending was a little too pat for my liking (Anna's story was a bit more open ended and not a fairy tale ending) but over all, I enjoyed it. Maggie and her husband take a trial separation and she goes to stay with a friend in Los Angeles. I loved all the L.A. references, and Maggie's wry commentary on the L.A. "lifestyle". I'm looking forward to reading her book set in London, since I also lived there.