Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ups and Downs

The move is complete, I'm on my year off and have a whole world of possibilities ahead of me.

BUT... (not to sound all complain-y) I'm house poor again, my RA has kicked up again (my right wrist has been consistently flaring for over three months now), my mom just had a medium heart attack and my dad is waiting on test results to determine whether or not a growth behind his knee is cancerous, not to mention that it's apparently a secondary tumour. It's a lot. So much so that I've been super stressed, losing track of time and days, not remembering simple things and generally screwing up to the point that other people think I'm a flake-o-la. Which is frustrating.

I'm trying to look on the bright side, maybe I wasn't able to defer my year off for a reason. To be able to get well and help others who aren't well. I've gotten a private teaching job, that I hope will translate into others. Maybe I will be able to realize my dream of going on a major trip on this year off. I'm definitely going to sign up for another one, as it's definitely something to look forward to while working and gives you a much needed break. I'm certainly enjoying not working, but the lack of routine is killing me. Now that the move is more or less done, after Thanksgiving, I'm starting a new weekday routine.

8:00am - Wake up/Small snack for workout fuel
8:30am - Run/Walk (good time to use gym if needed, most people at work)
9:00am - Weights/Stretching
9:30am - Shower/Breakfast
11:00am - Practice (Wed only - practice QOR pieces emailed on Sunday)
12:00pm - Snack and Chores/Admin
1:00pm - Yoga
2:00pm - Lunch
3:00pm - Chores/Admin
4:00pm - Cooking/Baking/Dinner Prep

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