Friday, October 29, 2010

Hmm, things didn't go as planned...

I lasted one whole day. Brutal I know, but in my defense, there were a lot of other things that came into play.

But for an update, Dad doesn't have cancer thankfully, Mom is doing better, and is at home (hence the change of plans and break from routine) and my RA seems to have calmed down some and I'm feeling better about most things.

Instead of sticking to a timed routine, I'm going to try and incorporate at least three things in a day. I've bought by monthly yoga pass, which is a good start. I haven't made good on the other things, except for cooking and admin, but I do feel I've been productive.

I've also found a couple of amazing things on the internet. For the first time, I think in my life, I was affected by a television commercial directly. It's a free on-line exercise program specifically targeted at younger people with RA. Unfortunately, it's only for U.S. residents, but maybe they'll expand into Canada.

While trying to determine if there was such a thing in Canada already, I stumbled upon this brilliant blog. It's a great find, and awesome to see that there are others out there just like me. We were even diagnosed at almost the same age. I'm looking forward to reading more from Sara, both on her blog and in her comic at which, incidentally, is also a really great site.

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