Friday, January 30, 2009

Running Log 30/01/09

Time: 33 min
Distance: 4 km
Speed: 7 km/hr
Intervals: 15 min running, 1 min walking, 15 min running, 2 min cool down

Today I ran a 13.5 minute mile (I am so not a math person, I've tried and given up trying to figure out what kind of minute km that is... :( can any of the 3 people who read my blog help me?)

I'm improving, but it's seems slow. At this pace I'll have to run the 5km in 40 min. Tomorrow I go for my first outside winter run. Hopefully I don't slip too much in the snow, given my history with breaking body parts in the snow!


Unknown said...

Googling for "13.5 minutes/mile in minutes/kilometer" gives as the first result:
13.5 (minutes / mile) = 8.3885111 minutes / kilometer

Google. It's kind of scary how useful it is. :)

Amy Brown said...

Damn, I hope that outside run wasn't supposed to be with me because I totally bailed on you. I'm sorry.

I did my 5Ks in around 35 minutes, so you should be able to do that or better.

Kat's Kuriosities said...

Cool, thanks for the math answer! I'll be sure to use Google for all my future math needs! :)

Don't worry, we haven't scheduled an outdoor run yet, you didn't bail.

Looking forward to one soon!