Saturday, October 06, 2007

Woefully neglecting my Blog

I know it's been a long time. I could blame it on a number of things, work, facebook, social life, band, choir etc. but that would be a screen. I just haven't had the inclination to blog, plain and simple.

So here I go with a brief synopsis:


I'm at my 5th school in 4 years, so again, it's slow going with finding out where I fit into this new dynamic. I'm teaching at a school in a well to do area, which brings with it a whole other set of challenges than a school with lower socio-economics. My assignment this year is half Core French (grades 4, 5 and 6) and half Vocal Music (grades K to 6). Interestingly, the staff are all female, which is something I've never encountered. I have to say, I prefer a mixed gender staff, and also feel for the boys, who have no male teacher role models.


I have switched drugs once again, and am in my 2nd month. I feel very well and bike to work most days. My wrists are still a little sore, but overall, I'm doing so well that I even forgot to take my medication once, because I've had few symptoms to remind me. Unfortunately, I haven't achieved full remission, but am hopeful still. My next appointment is November 20th, so we'll see what my doctor has to say.


The advent of Facebook has brought me closer to some people, further away from others and has actually had a tangible impact. I'm amazed that a website could actually change my social life, but it's true. I'm not an addict as some are, but do enjoy the unexpected tidbits from old and new acquaintances.

Mike and I celebrated one year together, on September 17th. I'm frankly in awe of reaching this significant milestone, as I have only done it once before, and that was 13 years ago. Like any relationship, it has it's ups and downs, but is by far the healthiest one I've ever been in, and for those who know me well, that is saying a lot.


Fairly positive. I still have my days, but am focusing on recongnising when my energies are negative and redirecting them. I get to think a lot while on my bike, which has been good for me. When I take the TTC, I tend to zone out, with my iPod, a book or both, and don't actually spend time with my own thoughts. I'm making a concerted effort to work on my self-esteem, which has taken a nose dive due to all of the above categories. I know I cannot do it on my own, and to that end, I'm looking for assistance as well. Reading helps a lot whether it be related or for pleasure.

I'm glad I've updated, reading this over has reminded me that I actually enjoy blogging and really should do it more often!

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