Sunday, December 17, 2006

Nice Weekend Away

Spent the weekend in Oakville just getting away from Toronto. Have been feeling extremely under the weather the past week and a half, and am still trying to get over it. The drugs I'm on suppress my immune system, so I'm catching every thing my students sneeze or cough on me. Spent yesterday getting a tree, going Christmas shopping, having dinner at a lovely restaurant called Cilantro's, going to a concert and decorating the tree at the Hodgins sisters' house. That was by far the best part. It was calm (the tree was already up and in the tree stand) there wasn't too much fuss about the light stringing and the ornaments were eclectic. The glow from the red and white tree lights was very pretty. Am super excited about only having 4 and a half more days (I have another doctor's appointment Tuesday afternoon) of work left. Then two blissful weeks off!

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