Sunday, November 05, 2006

Arthritis Update

I'm now into my third week of being diagnosed. I've started the DMARDs (disease modifiers) and they are going relatively well. I feel a little sick and sometimes have to subsist on a can of Boost instead of a meal, but if in the end they put me into remission, it will be worth it. As for the short term pain (the DMARDs take 3 months to work) unfortunately the slower acting but longer lasting steroids didn't work exactly as planned, they were supposed to take away all my symptoms and I still have some pain which is usually worse in the morning. I am still taking Celabrex, but will run out of those tomorrow. Fortunately I have an appointment with my rhumetologist, Dr. Jamal, on Tuesday. She's going to try another type of steriod and see how that goes. Apparently this new one is fast acting but not as long lasting. Hope for the best!

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