Sunday, June 18, 2006

Been Waaaay Too Long

Well school is almost over, only 8 more days with the kids. Another day after that for a final staff meeting which will be at my new school. I'm looking forward to meeting the people I will be working with and I anticipate that I will be at this school for at least the 4 years of my 4 over 5.

Had my condo warming last night. It was a little more sparsly attended than had originally rsvp'd yes, but that's ok, because all of the important people were there! We had fun hanging out.

Disappointing that I had changed the date to accomodate the Poland trip, yet no one who is going on that trip made it.

I am still trying to get a last minute ticket to Belgium for my two friends weddings. If I do go, it will be from July 7th to Aug 4. I may go to England or Italy or both as well. Not sure yet. I do miss Europe though. It's been a while since I've been.

Still have to complete my FSL course which is weighing a bit heavily on the mind.

Back to work!

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