Sunday, July 05, 2009

My Little Sister's Wedding

Yesterday Colleen got married!

I'm happy to say I played a part in bringing these two together. My friend Amy did as well. Read this for her part.

One fine day in 2002, Amy invited some work friends, myself and our other friend from choir, Janet over to her place for pizza, beer and trivia. All of Amy's work people were pretty awesome at trivia, but this one dude, Jeff, stood out among the rest. He could answer pretty much every question thrown at him. He was a bit shy, and super nice. I remember thinking..."this guy is perfect for my sister!" Since we both lived in the same neighbourhood, we rode the subway together with Janet and I asked him a few subtle questions about his love life. He wasn't seeing anyone at the time, but the point was moot because Colleen was dating someone else. Eventually she broke up with that guy, but it would take another few years to get them in the same room together. Every time I'd be at a function attended by Jeff, I'd think the same thing..."this guy is perfect for my sister!" while simultaneously trying to come up with ways to get them to meet. They finally did meet, at Amy and Blake's deck party in 2007. I had set up a Facebook account for her, and shown her a picture of Jeff. They pretty much talked throughout the entire party and afterwards, I added him as a friend on her account. They started dating a few days after that. They make an adorable couple, if I do say myself! :) I'm not a deliberate matchmaker, but if I know deep in my gut that people suit each other, I am quite determined!

A brilliant time was had by all. Here are some of the photo highlights.

Me in my maid of honour dress, with John, Blake and Amy. It was nice not to have to match with anyone, and to pick a dress I liked (and could wear again) with the only stipulation being the colour.

The best man (Jeff's brother Pat) and his wife, Helen.

The cake! Two tiers were chocolate, the other vanilla with strawberries and lemon. The flower girl is there for uber cuteness effect. :)

Amy and Blake (and the girls), to whom Colleen and Jeff are forever indebted for throwing such great parties!

Janet and John, my invited peeps so I wouldn't get lonely!

The garter toss. LOVE the expression on Jeff's face!

D and I.

Proof that this is the man that will take care of my baby sister. I know I won't have to kick his butt! :)

It truly was a perfect day. From gorgeous weather for the outdoor ceremony to almost no blips in any of the arrangements, everything went smoothly, even my speech!

I am so happy for Colleen and Jeff and wish them much love and happiness in the future!


Amy Brown said...

Aww, they're so cute! It was a lovely day and they're a lovely couple.

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