Friday, June 05, 2009

Bike Trip '09 Training

Bike Trip '09 is an attempt to ride 100K in one day. That being said, training is definitely in order.

My first training ride was to ride approximately 40K in one day. This was my guesstimate of the distances I would be travelling to get to where I was going. It ended up being pretty close to the actuals. It was broken up into three segments, much like the big ride will be interspersed with breaks and lunch.

Home to Work: 8.28K
Work to the Junction: 21.1K
The Junction to Home: 9.82K
Total: 39.2K

I felt a little tired about 3/4 into the second leg, but then got my second wind and pushed through.

Next training ride will be in three segments with short breaks in between on the Tour de Dufflet. I'm not sure what my total distance will be, because I also have to factor in the ride to and from home.

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