Saturday, July 12, 2008

Staying +++

I must say, it's been tough these past couple of weeks. My grandmother is still in the hospital recovering from spinal surgery. My mother has had another bout of vasculitis, but is thankfully back on the proper medication. My volleyball has abruptly and extremely rudely been terminated. My course for work is supremely time consuming. My arthritis has acted up on 3 separate occasions, causing me to freak out a little about the validity of my drug related remission. I seem to be either at a standstill or crossroads when it comes to my heart. I'm a touch down in the mouth these days.

Deep yogic breath, in then out, through the nostrils.

Yoga is great, I'm really proud of the small but steady progress I've been making. I am getting stronger in mind and body everyday. My meditation is richer and I feel that I have been seeing clearly through my third eye. I know I am flying in the face of all sound advice from friends, but I feel I am going against my intuition if I ignore what my gut is telling me. Maybe I am just listening to what I want to hear, maybe not. Time will tell. Yoga has definitely increased my patience, something I was horrible at before. I managed to hang my drapes! Yay! I know it doesn't sound like something major, but considering there was a surprise metal sheet in behind the drywall, it really was an accomplishment that took way too long to complete. The drapes really make the place look great. I still have to drill the holes in the bedroom for those curtains, which is going to be the same hassle as the living room, but having done it once, I'm confident that I can do it again. My friends are fantastic, especially after the volleyball fiasco. My family is really pulling together to be there for my grandparents. My sister and her boyfriend are really happy, and have just come back from a wonderful Mediterranean cruise. I'm being asked to do a number of paid gigs, one of which is out of town in upstate New York.

So the bottom line is, the more you think positively, the more positive things come your way. The corners are starting to raise! :D

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