Monday, June 30, 2008

June 2008 Books and Movies

Hunting and Gathering
Anna Galvada

This is an English translation of a beautiful French novel entitled "Ensemble C'est Tout". It has recently been made into a movie starring Audrey Tatou as Camille. Of course it has very limited release here in Canada, with practically no advertisement. I'm glad I read the book first and am looking forward to reading it in the original French as well. Most movies change the book, and I'm sure this is no exception. The characters are so finely drawn, so quirky, so engaging. I practically read it in one sitting and it's over 400 pages long! There's no narrative, so sometimes the dialogue is a bit difficult to follow, but even if you need to re-read a passage you will get more out of it. I highly recommend this book, it's absolutely stunning.

Get Smart

This was really, really funny! Best line in the movie was the Alan Arkin "Swordfish" line. I kept laughing well after it was over. Steve Carell has the best dead pan. Ann Hathaway, whom I've always liked a lot, held her own really well. The Rock was a lot of fun as well. A fun couple of hours, definitely go see it!

The Importance of Being Earnest

How could I have missed this gem when it first came out? I love the plays of Oscar Wilde and Colin Firth! Excellently done, with a great cast. Apparently the director, Oliver Parker has also done a version of An Ideal Husband, which, of course, I now have to see!

13 Going On 30

Cute chick flick take on the 80s movie Big. I don't generally like Jennifer Garner, but she was very convincing in this movie. The fashion from both 1987 and 2004 was spot on and of course, I love any movie genuinely set in NYC, not Toronto or Montreal masquerading as NYC. Although the love interest was pretty weak, there was the requisite "happy ending" so all turns out ok.

In Her Shoes

What a wonderfully funny, heart-wrenching and beautiful story. I've loved Toni Collette ever since I first saw her in Muriel's Wedding. I was impressed with her very realistic American accent. I'm not always a fan of Cameron Diaz, but she was really great in this. I love shoes, so all the pretty shoe candy was a big plus. Francine Beers (who was Mrs. Cohen aka Ol' Lightning Rod in an episode of SATC) had some of the best lines. Although a touch predictable in places, I really enjoyed it.

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