Monday, August 14, 2006

Unexpected Outing

Tonight I did something completely random. I went to a bar (I know that's not unexpected) where people were there to play....scrabble! It was fun! Michelle wanted to go and did the legwork finding out about where to play scrabble in TO. So we played against this unbelievably good team, and lost....big time! Our score was 74, theirs was 474! The organizer picked the theme of "vacation" and we all had to report back the words we had played that fit the theme. Our words were "lounge" and "boink". Then he went around to all the players to get a vote on the best word. We won with "lounge"! The prize was a deluxe scrabble board and since Michelle already had one, she let me take it home. All in all a pleasant way to spend an evening. It was great to catch up with Michelle and I won something. Finishing up with an ice cream from Greg's was delish.

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