Saturday, May 06, 2006

Being sick is no fun....

Turns out I was more than a little under the weather. After struggling through 3 and a half days of school, had to send my self from home from school yesterday, and take off today (unpaid I may add, as I have no sick days left over from my ankle injury) but at least I am feeling a bit better. Which I need to as I have my FSL course tomorrow and the TCS concert on Sunday.

Now to blog about the latest book.

Playing with Matches
Amy Cameron

Loved it! Made me feel so much better about my dating horror stories, which were nothing in comparison to the doozies in this book. The Tim Hortons guy was classic, as was the guy who used we, when talking about himself. An added bonus is that the book is Canadian, with lots of familiar references. The book is made up of emailed stories with a few of Amy's stories mixed in. If you are single and dating, or if you remember being single and dating, this book is a must read. Apparently there will be another one soon, can't wait!

No movement on the dating scene. To be honest I can't be bothered! I know that is the wrong attitude, but I can't seem to shake it. Maybe in the summer, but I know it's how I feel about myself and my look that is keeping me from really putting myself out there.

Still looking for a job in a school closer to home, but it's proving difficult as there are so many more experienced teachers applying for the same jobs. Hopefully I'll get something in the second round.

Am still loving my new couch and entertainment unit! Y'all have to come over and see it soon!

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