Sunday, April 30, 2006

Bits and Bobs

Am feeling a little under the weather today. Have a sore throat, which is no good, especially considering the TCS concert is next sunday and we have a rehearsal tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to sing.

Just had an email from a friend who was asking if there was a prince on the horizon. She has recently gotten married and is having a baby in September. No prince, just me. Can't say I'm loving my single life as sometimes I don't feel like I have much of a single life. Recovering from my injury took me out of the loop for 4 long months, and I still am not back to being completely normal. I need to start dating again, but am at a loss of how to do it. I tried the internet thing and had very little luck. Most of my friends are married or in serious relationships and don't really have anyone to set me up with anyway.

Unless a major miracle happens, I won't be going to Poland with the Royals. Which is really too bad, as I was hoping to jump start a little Euro visit to see some of the accross the pond people. Am wondering if I should go anyway, or if it is too much $$.

I have been thinking about my sabbatical and using it to start my PHD thesis. or travel the world for a year. don't know yet. I have been thinking about a teacher exchange, but not sure when I want to do it. Possibly the year after next 2007-08.

My couch and entertainment unit were delivered today! Yay, I now have somewhere for guests to sleep. The unit was a PITA to put up! It came mostly assembled, but in the end required a drill to put the final piece up.

Went to see Hair last night at the Canadian Stage. Pretty good! The musical is obviously dated, but it was interesting to see history come to life. Plus the songs are catchy. The full frontal nudity wasn't as shocking as it would have been in 1968.

Off to make some breaky...

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