Saturday, April 01, 2006

First Flute Lesson

Really good! I can't believe how many mistakes I am making, and all ones that I have been aware of but just not fixing. I learned all sorts of things to make my life easier.

Holding the flute at a 45 degree angle from my left shoulder then turning my head so I can see my right hand. This also helps with finger placement as I am still having trouble with the 3rd finger of my left hand.

Blowing more air downward into the flute while keeping my chin level (not down) and throat open.

Checking positioning in a mirror while playing long tones. Subtle ambouchure adjustments for each pitch.

Support - flexing the tummy muscles to keep a steady stream of air (to achieve a better core sound) and taking in deep diapramatic breaths.

I think the most frustrating thing is that I do a lot of this stuff already with singing and can easily apply it to my flute playing, but am not doing it.

I also recognize what years of psychological bullying has done to my flute self esteem. I have no confidence and am depressed when I play in certain situations and it is coming out my flute! Not good.

So I am doing this for me, because I know I have stuff locked inside me that can come out the other end of my flute to be proud of. Anne is great, and I am looking forward to more lessons. I have a lot of practising to do before our next lesson, which won't be for a while as I don't think it's beneficial to see her every week and we both have busy schedules. I am so glad I have done something proactive about my flute frustrations.

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