Saturday, March 17, 2012

Danny Bhoy

Let me start by saying, Danny Bhoy is one of, if not my favorite comedian. After seeing him at the St. Lawrence Centre in 2008, I was really excited that he was coming back to Canada. I bought the tickets months in advance, and eagerly awaiting the day of the performance. Unfortunately, it was just meh. Some of the jokes were funny, and he's quite amazing at keeping an audience entertained for an hour and forty-five minutes, keeping track of and tying up all loose ends, but some of the new material just wasn't that funny. I liked the fact that he was a "slice of life" comedian who didn't resort to race or toilet humour. Sadly, some of that made it's way into his new material. I would still go see him again, but hopefully he goes back to his old style of comedy.

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