Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 2010 Books and Movies

Sherlock Holmes

A little over CGI'd and definitely a Guy Ritchie film (slo mo a dead givaway) but all in all, a fun movie. Robert Downey Jr. was fantastic and it's nice to see him out of rehab. The story didn't follow any of those in the books, but they set it up for a sequel nicely, as expected. It really wasn't one I needed to see in the theatre but pretty good anyway.

Did the Earth Move?
Carmen Reid

Another Carmen Reid book. I have to say, I just hate the tag line her editor came up with for her: "A fabulous read. A sexy read. A Carmen Reid." It's so cheesy. Anyway, on to the actual book. It was pretty good actually. I liked the plot, specifically the way she turned things on their head with the main character being 10 years older than her love interest and the unplanned pregnancy storyline about her 20 year old son. I found I invested in the characters a lot more than her other books and was pleased with the pat outcome. A good beach read, light and fun.


Unbelievable film! Nelson Mandela is such an inspiring person, so a movie about him, played by Morgan Freeman was just out of the park. I thought the accents were very believable, and although I don't care much for rugby, the story of South Africa winning the World Cup and uniting a country was riveting. I have no idea if this is what things were really like, but the cinematography was incredible and the depiction of the townships heart wrenching. A definite must see.

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