Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 2009 Books and Movies

Up In The Air

Great movie! George Clooney is his usual yummy self, and the premise, a man who is completely detached from others, is intriguing. I loved Vera Farmiga, I can't believe I'd never seen her in anything else before. She's absolutely stunning. Jason Bateman did a good job directing, although he was totally channeling Steve Carell's Michael Scott when playing Craig Gregory. I also liked Anna Kendrick, apparently she made no impression on me at all when I saw her in the Twilight series. The frequent traveller comparison bits were just hilarious!

Up All Night
Carmen Reid

I generally like Carmen Reid for a light chick lit read, but this one wasn't very good unfortunately. The story was a bit whingy and worst of all, there was a gaping plot hole! Not an important part, but a bit irritating non the less. I didn't invest in the main character (perhaps because she was a mom, and I'm not) but liked the humanization of the ex-husband through his interaction with their children. Meh. Give it a miss unless you are really addicted to Carmen Reid.

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