Wednesday, September 16, 2009

U2 Concert!

I equate going to U2 much like a 14 year old goes to a Jonas Bros concert. I get giddy and excited, scream a lot and sing every word to every song. Seriously though, it was an amazing concert, the best one I've seen so far. Pop Mart and Elevation were awesome too, unfortunately I didn't get to see Vertigo.

Here are the pics!

The stage pre-concert is nothing compared to during. I didn't even know it was a rocket ship until someone hit the lights!

Open roof, really added to the concert!

People, people everywhere, 60 thousand of them!

I <3 Larry, ever since I was 12!

Greatest band evar!

Now, it's a rocket ship!

Bono, the consummate front man.

I could have sworn the CN Tower lights were in sync with the music.

Some very cool video.

It was just amazing, and most people I know who went felt the same. It's definitely a bucket list item, go see U2 in concert if you get the chance!

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