Thursday, May 28, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

Ok, since I can't stop twittering about this show, I thought I'd better blog about it. I absolutely love this show. There's only one other reality TV show that I love better and that's The Amazing Race (TAR) and it's only because of the world travel. It's weird, because I'm a singer, one would think that I'd prefer the Idolverse, but I really don't. The singing is often uninspired copycat performance and the auditions are horrendous because I suppose they get more ratings when they show the delusional people. SYTYCD, on the other hand, shows more good auditions than they do bad. This show actually inspires me to be a better dancer. Out of the "triple threat" dancing has always been my albatross. I'm not great at picking up choreography straight away, although once I know it, things are fine. Unfortunate when you only get 16 bars to show off your steps in a musical theatre audition. I'm much better at picking up ballroom and latin choreography, so maybe I should should just stick to that! :) I'm so looking forward to the top 20!

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