Sunday, April 26, 2009

Running Outdoors, the new frontier

Now that the weather has turned, it's outdoor running season! I've been using this site to figure out how far I've gone.

Distillery/ Don River/ Queen St. Run - 4.18 K

This was me trying to extend the original Distillery Run, and not actually adding very much distance. But the view was great, and although the stairs up to Queen were brutal (yes, I walked them!) I really enjoyed running along the river. I have to remember to bring a timer with me, because, although I got back home in 50 minutes, I don't know how long I was actually running.

Distillery/ Market - 3.83 K

I only had 30 minutes, so I just started out and made it up as I went along. I quickly found out that the Distillery isn't very far away, so had to run other places in the neighbourhood to make up the time. I even had to double back up and down the same street for the last 5 minutes. I'm getting marginally faster, but I still have a ways to go. 1.17 K to be exact! :)

Queen's Quay/ Harbourfront 4.9 K

I originally thought I would run only the one way then walk back. But, to my surprise, my endurance has obviously improved, as I wasn't tired and kept on running. That was great! Almost there!

So I've learned that 5 K is actually a long way! Although I'm super pleased that I can now run it continuously, I'm not sure that 5K in 30 minutes is realistic. At least I have time on my side, the race isn't until September!

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