Saturday, August 09, 2008


I've always loved doing this gig. Fergus is a small town in Ontario that hosts an annual Scottish Festival and Highland Games. Nowadays I only perform in the tattoo that opens the games on Friday night, but I used to stay up for the whole weekend. There's so much to see, the dancing competitions, caber toss, tug-a-wars, piping competitions, not to mention the beer tent with live music. But it's not a place for sleep, which would explain perhaps, why I'm not so keen on staying on the Fergus grounds anymore. There are a number of campsites and B&B's outside the grounds, so maybe one day, I'll go back to going up for the entire weekend. Because it's a yearly event, it really gets you thinking about where you were the year previously and what has happened to you since. The tattoo went very well, afterwards we had a little tailgate party, went to the beer tent to listen to Seven Nations, a cool celtic rock band out of NYC. Good times!

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