Friday, February 29, 2008

February 2008 Books and Movies

Sexual Intelligence
Kim Cattrall

An ok book, made better by amazing pictures, artwork and inspirational quotes. In some parts it felt like the book was wholly excerpted from Kim Cattrall's documentary by the same title. It was a quick and easy read, but not completely satisfying. Hmmm, interesting analogy! :)


It's really a shame, because this movie could have been so much more than it was. Woefully miscast (except for Samuel L. Jackson) and containing very little plot, it seemed the director was more interested in the special effects than anything else. The ending was frustrating because they are obviously leaving it open for a sequel. Loved the locals, very cool, especially the Valley of the KIngs.

Kiss of the Spider Woman
(Scarborough Musical Theatre)

Ok, this isn't technically a book or a movie, but I went to watch it, so it counts! My cousin was playing in the pit. I've never seen this musical before, it's pretty interesting. Set mainly in an Argentinian prison during the 70's dictatorship, it tells the story of two very different men who develop a unique bond in prison. The Spider Woman is Death, her kiss, the scythe. The songs are catchy in the moment, but not very memorable. I'm curious as to how the Broadway run was received. It was very long, but a nice evening, supporting the artistic pursuits of a dedicated group of amateur players.

Uganda Rising

An absolutely eye opening documentary about the plight of children in northern Uganda. To live in fear of being abducted to become a child soldier or a sex slave is a horror beyond imagining. I saw it as a professional development workshop in support of the Toronto Gulu Walk. Check it out at word that will be link! Not for the faint of heart, but the more people know about it, the more hope and help will come to those who suffer.


Was slightly disappointed in this film. While the costumes, settings and historical accuracy were stellar, one the whole, it just tried to be too "arty". Weird shots that weren't tied to the film, minimal dialogue and a jarring trip to the present time disrupted the experience more than enhanced it. The beginning exposition dragged on and on and the ending was somewhat dissatisfying. I wouldn't say say give it a miss, as everyone has different tastes, but just be prepared for what you see.


Wow! This movie was freakin' fantastic! Laughed all the way through it. Quirky and fun, loved the one liners from everyone. It actually made me feel like I was glad I wasn't in high school anymore. Loved the boyfriend! This film had the cutest ending ever. It's an absolute must see.

The Golden Compass
Philip Pullman

Loved it! Even better than the movie, no surprise there! Can't wait to read the other two books in the trilogy. You just get sucked into the world that seems so like ours, but with strange differences that pull you back into this alternate universe. I did picture all the actors as the characters in the book (not that I mind picturing Daniel Craig ;) at all) which was a bit confusing. Why did they change Mrs. Coulter's hair colour from brown in the book to blonde in the movie? This series is right up there with the Narnia Chronicles. Great read!

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