Sunday, February 03, 2008

A fantastic arts weekend!

Rob Campbell Quartet

Rob Campbell - Guitar
Doug Watson - Sax
Mike Milligan - Bass
Greg Pilo - Drums

It's been a while since I went to the Rex, so decided to go on Saturday night to see whomever was playing the 9:30 show. Turned out to be these guys. I've only recently started to get into jazz guitar, and I'm loving it! What a great sound. I'm not generally big into alto sax (I prefer tenor) but Doug Watson was phenomenal. Rob Campbell is so laid back, everything except for his fingers that is. Great music and an enjoyable evening.

Habobo Toronto

This is a group of Toronto based teachers and musicians who all have been taught by Kwasi Dunyo at one time or another. I've worked with Kwasi in two different schools, both times it was a really great experience. Apparently the group has open nights once a month, so I think I'll go check it out. Another surprise was that one of the itinerants from school was a part of the group. I didn't expect to know anyone in the performance. It ended with an invitation to come up on stage and participate. A very inviting, engaging and inclusive experience.

The Burning Bush

Absolutely stellar! Hilarious, thought provoking, clever and fun. Tracey Erin Smith is a powerhouse. I highly recommend you try and see the show or its sequel at some point because I couldn't begin to describe it to you. I'll leave you with two interconnected thoughts from the show. Rabbinical school and a stripper's pole. See? Go see it!

Sisters of Sheynville

This was the group that performed with Tracey. Wonderful musicians especially the clarinetist who was absolutely incredible. Lovely harmonies and great jazz elements to this all female Yiddish sextet. They did a set on their own after the show, and it was a great ending to an arty weekend.

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