Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Good Ole Fashioned Drive In Movie!

I've only ever been to one drive in and that was in university for a 4 movie extravaganza. We stayed all night and fell asleep for parts of it. This time, we went to Pirates of the Carribbean - At World's End at the drive in on 9th line in Oakville. This place is like a time warp. You can tell it's been around for eons and the people who go there have been doing it in their families for generations. The theatre plays ads from the 50s for a retro kitch feel and the old listening posts have been left in place to mark the parking spots. Unfortunately, the invention of the hatchback SUV and minivan make for less than stellar viewing as ignorant and or rude people don't care if they are blocking anyone's view. It's cool that you pay for two movies, but in our case, the second one was a boring teen flick, so we left.

Even though it's almost the end of May, I'm going to include my review for Pirates III here:

Good special effects, great costumes, confusing plot (couldn't recall the last two movies that well, recommend you watch them beforehand if you have the time) and make sure you stay until the last of the end credits have played for an additional scene. There is an obvious opening for a fourth movie, but I can't imagine Johnny Depp would make that kind of artistic choice. It's pretty long at 2 hours and 50 minutes, which was not so fun while cramped in a car. One of these days I'll have to watch the three back to back on DVD just so I can follow the plot better. The first movie is still the best, as usual, but this third one was highly watchable especially with Orlando Bloom burning up the celuloid.

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