Monday, May 14, 2007


The social networking site that has taken the world (and definitely Toronto - which has been named facebook captial of the world) by storm. Can't sleep and have a few things to get off my chest about it.


Re-connect with old friends
Get updates on how people are doing
User friendly and a good way to while away time


Somewhat addictive
Feel like I'm in high school again, with all the people adding and deleting themselves on my list
Shocked by some of the people who are not interested in adding me as their friend, even though there is an obvious connection (well I guess to me, not to them).

I've thought about some stuff.

I am at the top of most people's lists because my last name starts with "A". When a person's pic and name come up every time you click on your friends list and you say "oh, I'm not really friends with her, why is she on my list again?", it's easy to hit delete.

I don't need to be e-friends with people who don't want to be e-friends with me. In fact I don't need to be friends with them in real life either.

I shouldn't take it to heart, there are always other reasons for things.

These are all good things to think about, and a healthy way to look at using a site that can at times be hurtful or confusing. Here's the thing though...I still feel bad when certain things happen. I need to look at the fact that this isn't necessarily the healthiest site to be participating on. But then again, lavalife was no picnic much of the time and I managed to get through that.

I'm just confused, frustrated, perplexed, wondering and flabbergasted at some of the facebook goings on.

Feel better now that I've vented.


Amy Brown said...

You are still number one in my Facebook friends list, Kathryn! (Good thing you have a pretty picture. :) )

Kat's Kuriosities said...

Thanks Amy! I appreciate it. :)