Friday, April 13, 2007

Cache at Lula Lounge

Went to see my friend Yannick play in his latin jazz band Cache at Lula Lounge tonight. First time I'd ever been to Lula. I used to be pretty crazy into Latin dance, even was seriously taking lessons just before I went to England. I really love to dance still but find that my ankle just doesn't hold up as well, although it held up better than I thought. As usual, although there were a few good male dancers, most of the men were there with their wives/girlfriends and not the greatest dancers. That's the thing, for latin dance, you NEED a partner. Sure I danced by myself and had a good time, but it would have been nice to practise some things that I haven't done in a while such as cross body leads, twirls and dips. But the choice of partners always fall into two categories, scary good that I am too intimidated to ask to dance and really beginer who ask me and then there's no strong lead. Also because asking someone to dance in Latin culture is intrinsically NOT a come on, other men who don't understand this wonder why women don't want to dance with them. Oh for a moderately advanced latin male to dance with, who just wants to DANCE!

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