Friday, November 17, 2006

More fun at St. Mike's

Today I had an appointment with an Ear Nose and Throat doctor about my chronic lanryngitis. It had been scheduled a month ago for 10:15am. I get up to the 8th floor only to find out that the doc I was supposed to see had just left, minutes before I got there. In fact, I think it was he who was getting on the elevator as I was getting off. Turns out he was a nose specialist within the ENT realm, so the doc I saw, Dr. Halal was better. I had to sit through a nasty exam which included a metal rod with a camera and a light put down my throat (gag city) and the film didn't even record, so there's no record of it anyway. He told me my chords were inflammed (big suprise) but that I don't have pollops or nodules...whew! He prescribed an anti acid reflux drug (which brings my pill popping up to 5 different ones a day!) and told me to go on voice rest. With my job that is tough. He referred me to a voice specialist and I have a follow up appointment in February. He did mention that sometimes inflammatory arthritis can affect the vocal chords and the the acid reflux is sometimes caused by the steriods. Apparently it's not the same kind as one would get from food and indigestion.

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