Saturday, November 25, 2006

Best Birthday Party Yet!

Great friends, good food, an awesome band (thanks Matt, you guys rocked!) and a cute skirt! What more could a girl ask for? The party was lots of fun and the coffee lounge was the perfect venue, not to big and not too small. I was relatively organised (thanks Janet for all your help) and everything went smoothly.

Reading over the last few posts, I've noticed that all I've been blogging about lately has been the not so good stuff about my life (ie my health).

Time to take stock of the positive things:

- The DMARDs are starting to kick in and I am feeling better all the time. (Horay for drugs!)
- Great job that I love - finally one that showcases what I'm good at and sometimes doesn't even feel like work at all.
- Owning (jointly with the bank of course) my own condo in a fabulous neighbourhood where there is always something new around the corner.
- Wonderful friends who always have a good time no matter what the venue.
- An intelligent, attractive, caring, and generous boyfriend who makes me laugh. (Which, in the past, I never thought possible to exist in one person)

These are some of the things I would like to do in the near future to give back for what I have been lucky enough to have.

- Adopt a foster child
- Volunteer at the Native Health Centre (as well this will help me research my PHD proposal).
- Donate to the Arthritis Society
- Volunteer serving Xmas dinner in my neighbourhood

They could end up seeming like New Year's resolutions but I want to be clear that they are not, even if some of them don't happen until January.

Sono veramente felice e spero che la dolce vita si rimasta sempre.

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