Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Turkey Weekend!

After deciding that I was in too much pain to wait until my specialist appointment, I went to Emergency at St. Mikes. Spent a long time there, as I expected, but I was lucky to have company. For which I was very grateful, as the hospital hardly tops anyone's list as a great way to spend a day. I left with a prescription for an anti-inflammatory and have been feeling a lot better. I am still somewhat achy, but not in the dehabilitating way. I am looking forward to going to school tomorrow without the major pain I've been dealing with so far. In the long term, anti-inflammatories are really bad for you, but in the short term, I'm glad I have drugs.

Had a great day on Sunday, with two, count em, two turkey dinners. Met some lovely people and had a very relaxing rest of the weekend. And it's a four day week this week! Whahoo!

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